Sustainable Poetry in Serbia

Class IV1 did William Butler Yeats’ poem The Lake Isle of Innisfree as part of their curriculum. After reading and analysing the poem, they discussed the differences between living in a city and in the countryside, and its advantages and disadvantages. Then […]

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Winner of “Läsguldet”

Congratulations all co-creators around the world! We are the winners for a fine national award called “Läsguldet” in Swedish. It’s about us working in reading development in an inclusive way.  Sustainable Poetry lifts the voices of children and youths and strengthens their co-creation in […]

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eTwinning Teachers Co-Create the blog

After one school year of co-creation to create poetry for a sustainable future, it is time for us teachers in Europe who are part of eTwinning to create a blog in English together. Teachers in Sweden have blogged together during the last […]

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Poetry from students in Romania

“Mihail Kogalniceanu” Economic College Focsani, Romania Special for World Poetry Day, 21 March 2019, a gift from Romanian students. Also read our poetry: All the best Corina

The journey towards World Poetry Day 2020 starts now!

Through digital collaboration with the support of surrounding social actors, we cooperate with schools, mainly in Europe, but also with schools outside Europe. It has been an exciting global collaboration during 2018-2019 and we will gladly continue to develop the project. Through, […]

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