How can education contribute to a world in which our students at all levels of education become agents for change? How can we produce students who can contribute to greater equity, who can respect difference and live in harmony with others, and who can play a part in protecting the environment?


What education do we need for the 21st century?

In a rapidly changing world, education must be designed to give children and young people the opportunity to learn, create and influence. Sustainable Poetry is a non profit global co-creation language- and culture project for children and young people. The project raises their voices for a sustainable future, gives sustainablity issues a natural place in the education and learning development as well as strengthens the implementation of goal number 4 – Quality Education. For more information please visit The Global Goals For Sustainable Development.

 Holistic EducationLeave no one behind

The foundation of the project is the awareness of challenging the norm-critical perspective where children and young people, regardless background and needs (leave no one behind), are given the possibilities to be part of a learning community where they learn about the United Nation’s 17 global goals for a sustainable development and where they can make their voices heard through  reading, creating and sharing poetry with true receivers. The project supports and encourages the children’s and young people’s ways of finding their own unique voices, participate in cultural activities and become active co-creators in democratic and social development both today and in the future.  

Learning environments of the future

Besides developing 21st century skills, the children and young people are given the opportunity – through cultural experiences – to broaden their horisons and to engage in their own creations.  Our work focuses on the children’s and young people’s equal access to culture and for them to meet, learn and grow in an environment that is multimodal, diversed and verbally accessible – a learning environment that will encourage children’s and young people’s beliefs in their own linguistic intelligence as well as the individuals’ ability to be in charge of their own lives focusing on influence and effect. 

Let’s co-create for a sustainable future!

Do you work as an educator/teacher and want to contribute to education and learning for sustainable development in preschool and school and to sustainable development in society? Then the Sustainable Poetry project is for you and your children/students. For more information how to get involved please visit How to get involved.

Best regards,

Maria Glawe – Founder and project manager of Sustainable Poetry