Global Partnership & Co-Creation for a Sustainable Future

Sustainable Poetry is a co-creation project based on lifelong learning starategy and cross-cirricular collaboration between teachers that encourages children and youths to explore the UN Sustainable Development Goals by using poetry and multimodal literacy.

The project empowering youth partnerships and co-creation across borders. Together we find out how we can unleash their full potential and make the world a better place by 2030.

1) We raise the voices of children and youths for a sustainable future 2)We give sustainability issues a natural place in education and 3)We strengthen the implementation of Agenda 2030, in particular goal 4 and target 4.7.

21st Century Competencies

Sustainable Poetry is committed to give children and youths the opportunity to learn more about the sustainable goals and raise their voices for a sustainable future. The primary goal is to give children and students possibilities to develop the knowledge, competencies, and characteristics that will lead them to become personally successful and actively engaged citizens.

In creative learning environments and collaborative workflows children and students participate in a learning community based on design thinking perspective aimed at facilitating future innovators that tackle wicked problems and discover new solutions. All co-creators focus on strengthen the key competences for a lifelong learning (21st Century Competencies) and through critical language and knowledge-developing with multimodal text work we give children and youths the opportunity to influence and authority over their lives and our common future.

Exploring sustainable development through poetry 

Through poetry, children and youths learn about the global goals, not just reading and conversing, but engaging themselves to create poetry that is aimed to change the world in a sustainable way. Every school year starts with a challenge and during the year we explore the global goals and read, create and share poetry. On March 21st, we celebrate World Poetry Day together by sharing poetry for a sustainable future in a digital event. Hashtag: #sustainablepoetry #poetryday

Leaving no one behind

Leaving no one behind is the most important commitment in Agenda 2030. The commitment focus on the the most vulnerable people. All co-creators in Sustainable Poetry explore new ways of teaching and learning to reach all children and youths. Through education and learning for a sustainable development we contribute to inclusive and cohesive communities.

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Sustainable Poetry Team

Illustration: Liam Åkeson Rayner