Since society and today’s school are characterized by linguistic and cultural diversity, teachers need to become better at making multilingualism a visible resource in students learning. The monolingual norm that often dominates school teaching is challenged by Sustainable Poetry. Working with the project makes all languages important and visible.

My language is my freedom is created by Gaiath at Söderslättsgymnasiet in Trelleborg, Sweden.

Translated into English:

My Language

I didn’t know my language was a treasure

I did not know that my language is my freedom

I did not know that my language is my strength.

When I left

now I know the value of my language

my native tongue

is a crown on my head.

Translanguaging is also about identity; when the school dares to challenge the monolingual norm and allows multiple languages in the classroom, regardless of subject, the multilingual students gain greater confidence in themselves and feel pride in their background. (Translanguaging develops language and identity – Pedagog Gothenburg)

We collaborate beyond subject and language boundaries and create a learning community where everyone can read, create and share poetry on equal terms. It is a human right to speak one’s own language, to learn to read and to give voice on important life issues. The teachers Alice and Riitta has done a great job with the students!

Maria Glawe, Sweden