Many schools around the world are closed and students are being educated at home. Through Sustainable Poetry, we can contribute to a global community, work on a cross-cutting theme with sustainable development and give children and youths the possibility to rise their voices for a sustainable future. Through digital collaboration, we read, talk, create and share poetry for a sustainable future.

By partnership IIS Ferrari Chairavalle C.LE in Italy and Söderslättsgymnasiet in Trelleborg, Sweden organize a global online event where all children, youths and educational staff in preschools and schools around the world are invited to participate in and explore the UN’s 17 global goals for sustainable development and become active co-creators for sustainable development by creating poetry based on Agenda 2030.

On March 21, we celebrate World Poetry Day together by reading, talking, creating and sharing poetry. Let children and youths share their visions for the future with the rest of the world – use the following hashtag in social media: #sustainablepoetry More information can be found in the blog. Join the adventure for a sustainable future!