About the project

An innovative way to engage children and young people

Democracy is about creating and influencing how the future will be. The very essence of Poetry for a sustainable future can be described by words such as humanity, openness, responsibility, respect, freedom, love, knowledge and commitment. Together we use the power of words and stories to become co-creators of a sustainable future. A poem is a concise story that is linked to a larger wholeness that you are a co-creator of.

In the project we try new ideas together to make language and knowledge development enjoyable. Among other things, children and young people use language, knowledge, imagination and creativity to dress their thoughts and feelings in words. Different perspectives are linked through Agenda 2030, which is based on a holistic perspective and the world’s common vision for a sustainable future. The goals are integrated and indivisible and balance the three dimensions of sustainable development: the environmental, the social and the economic.

Global Co-Creation 2017 – 2030

Poetry for a sustainable future is consistent with the spirit of Agenda 2030, which means that no one should be left out. The project, which is an inclusive global cultural project where all children and young people from pre-school to high school can become co-creators, was born in a creative experience room at Söderslättsgymnasiet in Trelleborg, Sweden. In autumn 2017, students from various high school programs created poetry for a sustainable future that was shared with the whole world in social media; #sustainablepoetry during World Poetry Day on March 21, 2018. It became an instant success and the start of a global poetry community that includes everyone.

Dynamic design – educational and social network

The project is based on dynamic design, where a global educational network opens for collegial learning, co-creation and the construction of a reflection culture from a long-term perspective. Educational staff, school librarians, museum educators, surrounding social actors and others meet and build an open intercultural climate that invites co-creation and a learning community. Trust, the willingness to share and cooperate, and accept diversity are natural elements.

The Poetry Blog is a dynamic place where we inspire and inspire, build bridges and blur borders, where we truly show that children’s and young people’s voices are counted and that their active participation in democracy is a key to a sustainable future.


Every year, during World Poetry Day March 21, the world is colored by diversity poetry created by children and young people for a sustainable future. We use hashtag: #sustainablepoetry to share the poetry masterpieces all over the world.

It is easy to become a co-creator. Let the sustainability issues take a natural place in your teaching and use storytelling as an educational tool. Read more about how it works: Be a Co-creator.

Best regards

Sustainable Poetry Team

Sten Ivarsson, Magdalena Ivarsson, Eva Chelbat and Maria Glawe, Söderslättsgymnasiet, Trelleborg, Sweden

Maria Glawe: Initiator, Lead Teacher and Project Manager

Eva Chelbat: Coordinator

Magdalena Ivarsson: School Librarian and Graphic Designer

Sten Ivarsson: School Library assistant