About the project

Co-Creation for a Sustainable Future

Sustainable Poetry is a global Co-Create project that brings together students and teachers from around the world. In the project we focus on

1) raising the voices of children and youths for a sustainable future 2) giving sustainability issues a natural place in education and 3) strengthen the implementation of Agenda 2030.

Critical Literacy

In creative learning environments, children and youths are given the opportunity to participate in a learning community based on different conditions and needs and develop the communicative ability, intercultural awareness, cultural forms of expression, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and digital competence, all of which are key competences (21st Century Competencies) for a lifelong learning. Through critical language and knowledge-developing text work, we give children and youths the opportunity to not only read and write about the world, but also to become active, critical collaborators in a different and sustainable world.

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