Poetry for a Sustainable Future

To say the least, we face major challenges; the sky is burning, the earth is plunging, the water is rising, the drought is increasing … Humanity has gone astray. How can vital questions be formulated so that it feels and touches and maybe even changes? I am convinced that a poem such as great root in the heart, a piece of music that makes one in a good mood or a film that reflects human complexity are important parts of a sustainable society where the social dimensions are developed. If we can also go from the consumption of culture to the creation of culture, then the power is even stronger.

That hand creates the influence of the brain, emotions and our knowledge. To find paths to a sustainable society, both heart and brain must be involved. This is where poetry plays an important role. Poetry is a direct link to our feelings. There is also a freedom within poetry; an arena for reflections and interpretations. Poetry is made for the young who will take over the world and make the earth whole, as Laleh sings. In times when it is obscure, the unpredictable and the dreams are to be captured and described briefly and quickly, poetry has a place.

We said we should take over
We’ll take over the world
We’ll be big We’ll be powerful, ha ha
And we’re going to make the earth whole
Yes we should clean the water
And we’ll never hurt each other any more
And we’ll fight Yes, we will fight against Goliath
So believe me
Because I know you’re bravest

-Goliat by Laleh

Germund Sellgren, WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature)