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Nature calls – can you hear her cry?

Martina Ferrario and her students at IIS “Luigi Castiglioni” Limbiate i Italien has created SUSTAINABLE POEMS…

In particular in the first link you can find a PADLET with sustainable poems in English, while in the second link you can find a PADLET with sustainable poems in Italian.

Poems in English

Poems in Italian

Spread LOVE on Valentines Day

Equality is everything

Maria Rita Pepe at IISS “G. Peano – C. Rosa”, Hereto, Italy share some students’ reflections on children’s rights and the 30th anniversary of the signature of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

We are young

but our ideas

will build

the future.

We have the same rights

no matter

who we are.

We have the right

to live

and to express ourselves.

We are young.

By Elisabetta

ENERGY – The future is green

Valentina Feras student Maria Grazia analysed goal 7:


Energy is a key element and

Not a secondary aspect in our life.

Energy is an opportunity for sustainability,

Richness for the economy and the planet and a

Guarantee for climate change and for the future of the

Younger generation.

Youth Climate Action

Here are two poems written by students reflecting on the COP25 and the need for Climate Action.

Maria Rita Pepe, teacher at ISS “G. Peano – C. Rosa”, Nereto, Italy

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