Carmen Corina Visan and her students at “Mihail Kogalniceanu” Economic College Focsani, Romania create poetry for a sustainable future. Their poem is about fighting the leading cause of death in the world. Did you know that 850 million people live in hunger? (Target 2; Agenda 2030)

Even though we live

In different places,

We’re still humans

And this makes us


Hunger is one of the many

Problems that we have to

Cope with,

So we need to end it


Or it’ll end us instead.

This requires a sense of 


To promote as much as

We can 

The agricultural practices.

Not only we have to be 

Cooperative in insuing 

Investment in infrastructure

And technology,

But we also need to


The agricultural productivity,

In order to gain lots of

Food resources.

To help the population

That’s growing faster

Than the speed

Of sound.