Imagine – Better days will come

Thoughts about now – in the middle of a pandemic

Right now we are in the middle of a pandemic. The Corona virus affects people all over the world. Join us in creating the world’s common story of the present time. Express your thoughts and feelings into words and create a poem that can give faith, hope and love in a difficult time. 

How has it affected your life? What do you think about what happens in society? How do you see the future? 

Read and Share Poetry: #sustainablepoetry Share your poem in the Facebook- group Sustainable Poetry or use the contact form to share your poem.

EARTH HOUR 2020 – Poetry in the dark!

On Saturday, March 28 AT 8:30 P.M. It is EARTH HOUR! Switch off the lights and create poetry in the dark!

If you and your students want to create poetry you can share it in the project’s Facebook group “Sustainable Poetry”. Use: #sustainablepoetry and #connect2earth


On Saturday, March 21, we celebrate World Poetry Day together all over the world. We read, talk, create and share poetry for a sustainable future with children and youths. Use #sustainablepoetry in social media to share your thoughts about the present and the future.