How to get involved

Children and young people over the world are creating poetry for a sustainable future – accordingly they contributing to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Here are some information how to get involved.

  1. Announce co-creation by contacting the Sustainable Poetry team or connect through the eTwinning digital collaboration platform.
  2. Work with the global goals for sustainable development in teaching and explore how children and students can give voice to a sustainable future through poetry. Feel free to share your creative process and poems in the project’s Facebook group.
  3. Celebrate World Poetry Day (held every year on 21 March) with co-creators around the world. Read, create and share poetry for a sustainable future. Make sure that the children’s and students’ poems reach authentic recipients outside the classroom. Maybe you make a poetry book or a poetry exhibition at school or in society? There are so many paths to the goal. Co-creators in the project inspire each other. This is how we build a learning community for a sustainable future. We use the following hashtag in social media: #sustainablepoetry
Co-Creators 2020/2021