In 2017, the architectural competition “Sjöstaden 2025” was going on in Trelleborg, Sweden. The competition challenged children and young people to present proposals on how the new town districts should be developed to become sustainable and inclusive. Students at Söderslättsgymnasiet, who studied Swedish with teacher Maria Glawe, created poetry that portrayed their thoughts and ideas for a sustainable city.

The students were praised for their contribution “Environmental poetry” which became part of the municipality’s citizen exhibition “Sjöstaden 2025”. The “Environmental Poetry” was the start of the Sustainable Poetry project. Since 2018, the project has involved children and young people in preschool and primary school around the world.

Söderslättsgymnasiet, Trelleborg Sweden in co-creation with Margret Armstrong School Dixcove, Ghana
Söderslättsgymnasiet, Trelleborg, Sweden in co-creation with IIS Enzo Ferrari di Chiaravalle, Italy