Poetry for a Sustainable Future 2021 in Uzicka Gimnazija

Despite the challenging circumstances in which we worked during the last school year, the eTwinning team of Uzicka gimnazija, Serbia managed to complete almost all of the activities planned within the Poetry for a Sustainable Future project. 

 Students read and discussed poetry by some famous poets as well as by sustainable poetry co-authors from around Europe. They also wrote plenty of their own poetry inspired by the 17 sustainable development goals of the UN. Our team created a beautiful New Year padlet with students from Trelleborg, Sweden, getting to know each other and wishing everyone more health and more fun in 2021 https://padlet.com/magl77001/hmb3nt3k2i17hexy. We also exchanged digital Christmas cards with students from Chiaravalle Ce, Italy. 

 World Poetry Day 2021 – Poetry festival and POP UP POETRY- event

We celebrated World Poetry Day in three different ways: by taking part in collaborative poetry writing with all the other project participants; by creating an e-book with a selection of poems and illustrations made from September 2019 – March 2021 https://read.bookcreator.com/HRD3hofPolOb79xZk6DWaAPnLEK2/laHUiAjwRdCoGBscY9PW0A, and by taking part in the online pop-up poetry event, to which three of our students contributed short videos with their own poems. 

Our team marked World Mother Tongue Day and World Ocean Day. We explored haiku poetry and created some wonderful haiku poems with our friends from Sweden and Italy, celebrating the biodiversity and sustainable development of our three cities, Trelleborg, Chiaravalle Ce, and Uzice https://padlet.com/magl77001/hnbxjpshc5ner7d6.

We posted a lot of material on TwinSpace, school website, school Instagram profile, Sustainable Poetry Facebook page, around the school and around the city of Uzice. All the members of our eTwinning team are looking forward to the continuation of this project as they feel they are doing something important and worthwhile, and that is drawing people’s attention to global problems in a creative and engaging way.

Teacher: Svetlana Gavrilovic