World Poetry Day 2022 in Uzice, Serbia

About thirty eTwinners from Uzicka gimnazija, Serbia, young writers, performers and artists, celebrated World Poetry Day 2022 in several different ways. We first agreed that we would walk around the city of Uzice, making stops at culturally and historically important sights and reciting poetry there, in public. We made a selection of poems: students’ work (Serendipity by Mina Cusin, Dreams by Ana Stankovic and Djurdjina Radosevic, Taxi Driver and Create by Aleksandra Milojkovic), and poems by renowned authors such as Edna St. Vincent Millay, Djura Jaksic, Eduardo de Filippo, Emily Dickinson and Lucio Battisti. Another idea was to create bookmarks and fridge badges inspired by our own and famous authors’ poetry and distribute them to the citizens of Uzice during the walk.

 The walk began at noon on 21st March in front of our school, and then continued through the city to the old Jokanovica House, the City Library, the main square, the river, and the old hydroelectric power plant. We recited poetry in Serbian, English and Italian. The day was as beautiful as ever, the poetry performers were excellent and our co-citizens were happy to receive a little poetic gift from us. 

Finally, the material created on this day was posted on Sustainable poetry Facebook page:, our school’s website  and Instagram profile

Text and photos by SVETLANA GAVRILOVIC, Teacher.