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Diamante poems

Last Friday my first-year high school students and I read about the loss of wildlife and the importance of biological diversity for the health of our planet. We also experimented with diamond-shaped poems using nouns, adjectives and verbs to describe one or two topics. Diamante poems are a useful tool for having elementary and pre-intermediate EFL students engage with the language, have fun with words and unleash their creativity.

We started with the two most recurring words in our lesson, wildlife and biodiversity, and created a simple collective poem:

Then we decided to set a class challenge for teachers and students: creating a diamante poem choosing two endangered or extinct species (an animal and a plant). The following is an example:

By Maria Rita Pepe and her students at Nereto (TE), ItalyIISS “G. Peano – C. Rosa”

Poem to a person we LOVE

Özcan Talic and his students at Ciftlik Secondary School in Turkey share LOVE poems on Valentines Day.


The world needs more LOVE

Svetlana Gavrilovic and the students at Uzicka gimnazija, Uzice, Serbia has written a couple of love poems. Soon it is Valentines Day!

Annabel Lee by Lena Milanovic

My Annabel Lee

You’re my kingdom by the sea

You’re my life and my bride

But now you’re n the other side.

Our souls will always be together

And I will think about you forever.

I’m blown

You are alone

But I’m waiting to see you again

And I promise, I’ll be the same man.

With sadness for the tomb by the sea,

Where forever sleeps my Annabel Lee.

Our Love by Anastasija Prodanovic

Our love is a bitter taste 

 of unspoken words.

Maybe just one tear

or even a smile.

My heart feels yours near,

but I know you are not even close.

-Between us there’s just a mile.-

Still Wondering by Uros Sestovic & Marko Ristic

Lying in the field,

And thinking deep

Inside my mind,

What’s love and what’s there to be found?

What is love?

Is it an emotion that 

Drives us crazy,

Makes us lazy?

Or is it just in

Our genes, a code

That is within 

Our human being?

Love by Andjela Trebjesanin

Looking at the road and down the street

Gazing at the stars, staring at the sky

Waiting for her to meet.

My head in the clouds, I could almost fly

Thinking about the times I looked in her eyes.

Love by Lena Lazarevic, Kristina Gazdic, Darija Petrovic & Ana Stankovic

I tried to hide it

But this feeling is real

The one deep inside

That only I can feel

Many asked but I can’t reveal

What lies within this ex-heart of steel.

Human Rights

Our school participated on “human rights for beginners” with 150 teachers from all over Greece and talked about ways to keep human rights and democracy in a sustanable world. We presented our project “we have voice” and it was congratulated on ceremony with our prime minister. 

Vasiliki Dogani went to the  library with her students and they discussed about human rights.

Respect other

Don’t hurt other with words

Everyone has rights

Freedom, equality,education.

Keep your way for other

let them express themselves.

Agrupamento de Escolas de Almeirim

The Portuguese team started working on a challenge. Students will write sustainable poems in collaboration with the school library team.

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