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Diamante poems

Last Friday my first-year high school students and I read about the loss of wildlife and the importance of biological diversity for the health of our planet. We also experimented with diamond-shaped poems using nouns, adjectives and verbs to describe one or two topics. Diamante poems are a useful tool for having elementary and pre-intermediate EFL students engage with the language, have fun with words and unleash their creativity.

We started with the two most recurring words in our lesson, wildlife and biodiversity, and created a simple collective poem:

Then we decided to set a class challenge for teachers and students: creating a diamante poem choosing two endangered or extinct species (an animal and a plant). The following is an example:

By Maria Rita Pepe and her students at Nereto (TE), ItalyIISS “G. Peano – C. Rosa”

Nature calls – can you hear her cry?

Martina Ferrario and her students at IIS “Luigi Castiglioni” Limbiate i Italien has created SUSTAINABLE POEMS…

In particular in the first link you can find a PADLET with sustainable poems in English, while in the second link you can find a PADLET with sustainable poems in Italian.

Poems in English

Poems in Italian

Poem to a person we LOVE

Özcan Talic and his students at Ciftlik Secondary School in Turkey share LOVE poems on Valentines Day.


Spread LOVE on Valentines Day

Safer Internet Day

Maria Rita Pepe and her students at IISS “G. Peano – C. Rosa”, Hereto, Italy celebrated Safer Internet Day with a lesson dedicated to online safety and digital footprint. Several SDG targets are involved; for example

Here is the acrostic collectively produced during our reflections:

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